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    How to find EMPTY / NULL ??!! Please help !



      How to find EMPTY / NULL ??!! Please help !


      I've this find and replace in a DB of FM 11 PRO (MAC OSX):


      CercaeSost ( type ; ["city" ; "city.png"] ; ...... [ "" ; "pointpink.png"] )


      Last of sequence must search the NULL or empty value in the field ancd substitute with pointpink.png.

      HOW TO DO SO ??


      If I do a search I can use simply "=" but how to use it on search and replace ?


      Thank you so much, I've tried all before to ask... : "", "NULL", .... but nothing works !




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          you could find the empty records using search with "="

          and then replace the value with a looping script ....


          personnally I prefer changing my values with scripting because I never succeed in doing exactly what I want with the "find and replace" menu...

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            1. Make backup of file.

            2. Find records with empty field values as you already did with "="

            3. Click into the field once you have a returned found set.

            4. Go to the Records Menu --> Replace Field Contents

            5. Replace with calculated result using a calc of: "pointpink.png"

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              You're trying to use a function that replaces substrings in a string. It won't work with fields. To work with fields in a found set you need to use a menu command like Records - Replace Field Contents or Edit - Find/Replace. If you want this automated, you need to write a script that uses the corresponding script steps.

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                Ciao Fabrizio


                prova con:


                IsEmpty ( type ) ; "pointpink.png" ;
                Substitute ( type ; ["city" ; "city.png"] ; ......  )


                P.S.: next time use the english name of the function here because they can't understand "CercaeSost"

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                  Thank you all, grazie Daniela come sempre.


                  I did try with a script before posting, but it was always the same, I cannot add the correct value for "zero" field.

                  Anyway the last example works.


                  I think I have to find some advanced book about filemaker, as example I think there's somethin more fast than the Search and replace, maybe with related tables, but I cannot use them.


                  I work with a big table from Wikipedia, it contains all info about points of interests, but I need to export just few fields:

                  lat and long

                  the correct web address (I need to merge one field with a prefix: ex Coliseum become: "http://en.wiki.com/coliseum"

                  the correct audio file: quite the same, but with suffix ".mp3"

                  and the last is to add to exch category the correct icon, as I asked to you.


                  Now I have the correct table, with all my needings, and I just have to export it with a script, in a csv file.

                  Sometimes some fields are exported without value. I'm not sure, but it seems to happen when the field is a "calculate" field.

                  I'll do some tests on this.


                  Anyway thank you to all, each request add something in my knowledge of Filemaker....



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                    DanielE, pardon !