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How to find next invoice number?

Question asked by fabiuz on Jan 18, 2014
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How to find next invoice number?



     I am lost in a stupid thing: I have an invoice table, each invoice have an ID a date and a number.

     I want to know wich will be the next invoice number when I will create a new one.

     So the first thing I have to know is which is the date of the last invoice, may be the max date in table.

     In this way I should be able to find max invoice number too and be sure that it is relate to the current year.

     I have created a selfjoin table using invoiceID and a calculation field to find the max date. Then I have created one more TO of Inoivce table related by maxDate field and date field. This way I should be able to see all invoices that have the same date when the date is the most recent one.

     Next I have created another calculation field to get the maxInvoiceNumber of the last invoice TO.

     The problem is that such field does not return any value but an empty field :-(

     My suppositions are broken somewhere and I am unable to find where... can anybody give me some suggestions to go out of here?