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How to fit image to size of Web Viewer?

Question asked by dhafitch on Jul 21, 2011
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How to fit image to size of Web Viewer?


We would like to show a gallery of thumbnail images, along with a single "viewer" that displays the hi-res version of one of these images selected by the user.  Currently, we make the gallery using a portal, which has the thumbnails in container fields.  We then use a Web Viewer object to show the image from the selected portal record.  (The images are files on a server, and we use a script triggered by entry into a portal record to put the image file's URL into the Web Viewer.)  This works fine.

However, the problem with using the Web Viewer is that it fails to resize the image to fit.  Because the images are very high-resolution, we can only see a small part of the image.

How do we get images to automatically fit into the Web Viewer?  (We want to use the Web Viewer because of its versatility.)

(Also, we want the database to be compatible with FM Server.)