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How to Flag individual records

Question asked by JohnTennock on Jun 3, 2013
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How to Flag individual records


     I need to allow users without edit permissions to use normal find processes to filter a database down to a mangeable number of records then browse through these while discussing each of them with a client (by telephone) and flagging those that have information relevat to the client's needs. The flagged records will later be emailed to the client.

     To achieve this I have created a cleck-box field that the operator can click in to togglethe flag on/off.

     The problem with this approach is that it requires that the operator have edit priveleges, which then introduces the risk that they will change other data in the database.

     Solutions would be:

     1. To give the operator edit rights to change only the one field (i.e. the 'flag' field).

     2. To use some other method of 'flagging' records that allows the un-flagged records to be filtered out before emaiin or printing the results.

     I can't figure out how to do either of these. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how best to achieve the desired result?