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    How to format a number on a SQL Query



      How to format a number on a SQL Query


           Hello there,

           I am a beginner regarding the use of ExecuteSQL function. After numerous searches on the documentation and the web, i am unable to find the way to format a number within the SELECT clause.

           For instance :

      ExecuteSQL ("SELECT Id_employee, SUM (Amount) FROM Salary GROUP BY Id_employee"

           ; " " ; ¶ )


      is getting theses :


           10 5000

           11 2500

           12 3000


      how to modify the query to get theses :


           10 5'000.00

           11 2'500.00

           12 3'000.00



           Thank you so much for your help !


           Bye, Fred


      PS: I think it is also related to ExecuteSQL returns wrong format for decimal numbers with international system settings.