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    How to get a summary of just a subset



      How to get a summary of just a subset


      See if you all can help me sort this out :)


      I have a table with this field: ID,DATE,SCORE1,SCORE2...,TOTALSCORE,AVGSCORE.

      Now on the same day we have many rounds and every rounds gets its record line.

      I need a report on which we have the Totals and AVG of the first 5 rounds, the best 5 rounds, and the last 5 rounds.


      Any idea on how to accomplish this?

      Thanks for the help


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          Well a summary field will be based on the found set of records.


          So if you want the first 5 records, then you sort it by the ID Ascending, go to the 6th record and then you can omit the rest of them.


          Go to Record [ 6 ]

          Omit Multiple Records [ Get ( FoundCount ) - 5 ]



          Noe your summary field will shoe you the totals. You can refind, sort, and omit for each type of criteria.


          Another option would be to create a self join on playerID and date/event ( dont know your complete structure) and use multiple 5 line portals sorted the way you want.

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            Thanks for the replay


            I have some problems in duplicating what you are saying let say I have this table


            DATE (asDate); SCORE1 (asNumber); SCORE2 (asNumber); TOTAL (asCalculated); STOTAL (asSummary total of TOTAL)


            day 1; 4; 3; 7; STOTAL(would show only if sorted by the breakfield)

            day 1; 1; 1; 2;

            day 1; 1; 2; 3;

            day 1; 9; 1; 10;

            day 1; 1; 1; 2;

            day 1; 5; 3; 8;

            day 2; 1; 1; 2;

            day 2; 2; 1; 3;

            day 3; 1; 1; 2;


            And I would like a summary/report like the following

            DATE STOTAL

            day 1; 22

            day 2; 5

            day 3; 2



            If I do what you where saying I will have to filter the records by day then omit the rest of the records; while I would like to have it grouped with just the first 5 records of each day accounted.

            is it feasible?