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How to get auto enter to work with repeating fields

Question asked by NZPatrick on Dec 24, 2008
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How to get auto enter to work with repeating fields



I have a solution that does children's attendance rolls in an early chidhood setting.

I have a section that needs to calculate which 15 min blocks in a day are being used,

ie I enter start time = 9am and finish time =10.15 and 5 blocks appear.

I have achieved this by using a reference time field in my prefs which has 50 repetitions

eg 6.30, 6.45, 7.00 etc

I then try to use these calcs further up in a graph but performance is slow, I made a second field that auto enters the first field, ie I will get an indexed copy of the calc and performance should improve (hopefully).


Whenever I change the time, the calculated field suitably lights up with matching 1's in the repetitions that match my times but my auto enter field only changes if repetition 1 is affected.


Can anyone offer any suggestions?

You can download a samle of what I am talking about at

Sample looks best in 9 but will work happily in FM8 


Many thanks !