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    How to get current file platform



      How to get current file platform



           I'd like to set a condition for a 'Log Out' button so that it is only visible when the user is accessing the file via an internet browser.  If the user is using an installed copy of FileMaker Pro and is opening the file remotely from FileMaker Server then the Log Out feature is not needed.  If they are online then the feature would be nice.  I'm not sure what "variables" are influenced by the different ways of accessing the file, but I would imagine this is possible.

           Thanks for the help.

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               a script can use Get ( ApplicationVersion ) to detect whether the user is accessing via a web browser or FileMaker Pro client.

               PatternCount ( Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ; "web" )

               to be exact.

               Then your script can either use two different layouts--each customized for the client type or you can hide the Log Out button inside an invisible tab control where the script uses go to object to select a tab panel to make the button appear/disappear.