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How to get efficiencies on summary calculations

Question asked by Stu412 on Aug 4, 2015
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How to get efficiencies on summary calculations


Hi there

I have a main data table which at the moment has 70,000 records, with groups of around 500 records attributable to unique customers.  I have the CustomerID_FK on the data table to facilitate the join so that I can show data relating to the customers on customer based layouts.

Due to the nature of the requirements, I have quite a lot of summary fields based around various conditions - grouping, dates, percentages etc.  It's getting a bit slow to calculate this when I change customers.

This may sound dumb, but is FM reviewing all 70,000 records before settling on the 500 or so I need in order to carry out the summary calcs I have?

Can I improve this so I just have the 500 only, perhaps by an entry script?  I had a quick attempt at this using a find but it made no difference.

Apologies for a fluffy question - it's more of a 'How does FM do it' rather that 'How do I do it' type of thing.