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How to get few records (random selection after previous filtering) from one big DB to another small...

Question asked by MarcosOkamura on Feb 13, 2013
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How to get few records (random selection after previous filtering) from one big DB to another small DB? (educational purpose)


     Dear all,

     I am new to FM and this forum. I need a support to solve a simple thing:

     Situation: I created three tables with fields:

     Table Questions: Discipline / Questions / Grade / Level  / IDQuestion_pk / SolvedfromStudent (10000 records)

     Table Studentes: Name / Grade / Level / IDName_pk

     Table Quizz: NumberofQuestions / Discipline /IDName_fk / IDQuestion_fk


     Table Quizz is related to Table Students (via IDName_fk and IDName_pk) and it is also related to Table Questions (via IDQuestion_fk and IDQuestion_pk).

     So, in a layout called QUIZZSELECTION, two fields will get some values:

     - NumberofQuestions will get a max number of questions

     - Dsicipline will get a required source matter


     As soon as NumberofQuestions will be less than the amount that I have recorded at Table Questions, once I have this amount, I want to select this total number of questions but:

     - Filtering from Table Questions with right Grade, right Level

     - Only Unsolved questions from the Table Questions (that's why I have a field named SolvedfromStudent)



     When a student is logging in, I need to display a quizz. The student will give desired number of questions and a discipline. I have to generate those questions choosing them in a randomic selection (checking if they match all filters and if they are unsolved). 

     I am not familiar to all tricks with script and functions, so I need a step-by-step of what to do (Script, function, Display as a portal or not, etc) .

     Besides, how can I create a specific table of Solved/Unsolved Questions for a certain student after this student has his quizz prepared?

     I kindly ask someone to help me.

     Thanks in advance.