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How to get FileMaker pro to recognise when an item has been previously added to the inventory

Question asked by PeterMontague on Sep 13, 2012
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How to get FileMaker pro to recognise when an item has been previously added to the inventory


     I want to add new items to my inventory. I have my sku set to increase by one increment for every title that is added to the inventory. 

     I want to make this process to run more efficiently:

     If the ISBN and the condition of a book are the same as a previously entered title I want FileMaker pro to make the sku the same as the previously entered book and record the location of the book and update the quantity. 

     Is there a way to do this? 

     Secondly I want to make a system where each single book gets its own child sku. If it has the same ISBN and condition of another book then I want it to have the same parent sku. Is this the right way to inventory my books?

     This would make it easy to add new inventory, All the data entry person has to do is to scan the enter the ISBN, condition and loation. No counting will be required. But if there are multiple copies of the same book I want to be able to enter the quantity FileMaker pro to make multiple child skus.

     When I create reports of the inventory for feeding marketplaces like amazon I want only the parent sku to be sent to these websites. They will receive updates on the quantity and conditions etc. of my inventory. 

     I want to Have item notes defined as positive and negative. Item notes will be generic and set up as check boxes for data entry. Positive ones could be "signed by the author". A negative one could be "water damaged". I want the positive item notes of the child sku to be given in the reports. But the books which have th negative item notes not to appear in reports until they are the only remaining copies. 

     So to sum up I want:

     Skus to increment automatically when necessary;

     Parent and child skus

     Item notes which will attract buyers to appear so that they will see the best of our stock;

     Item notes which may turn customers away to appear in reports only when all the best copies are unavailable. 

     Can anyone advise me?