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How to get tables to talk to Parent table using PK?

Question asked by BuddyMyers on Mar 7, 2011
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How to get tables to talk to Parent table using PK?


I created a new database to keep track of my client’s computer hardware and other related things. I have already created the ERD and set up all the relationships.  I have a main table that is called Company and then have a support Contact Info table linked to Company.   I linked the name support contact Information back to company table and using the name of table as my PK and have done the same thru the rest of my database.  The question that I have what would be the best way to set up serial numbers for each relationship so that all the information in all tables or relationships could be accessed from the company table?   I will also post a screen shot to clear up what I am actually trying to do.   Any help would be greatly appreciated I am new to the FileMaker World!!!!!