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How to get totals of number fields grouped by

Question asked by benbogaert on Jan 11, 2010
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How to get totals of number fields grouped by


Hi all,


I'm rather new to Filemaker and working with FM 10. I have experience in PL/SQL and Java programming.

I'm working on a invoice system in FM 10 but I'm stuck on a particular thing what is not so hard in SQL.


Here's the situation:

I have, let's say, 10 invoices with articles that may or may not be on several of these invoices. Now I want to generate a report of the first 5 invoices that presents me the total of each article, so if one article is on invoice 1 and 3 I only want to see the article once but the total amount of this article must be the sum of invoice 1 and 3 of this article.

In SQL this is relatively easy to do with a select sum(amount of the article) grouped by the unique article identifier.


Is there a way to establish this in FM 10? I believe there will be, but I'm not getting there...
Or is there a way to execute an SQL query in FM 10 and to generate a report out of the results of the query?


thanks in advance.