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How to get very short tab control buttons

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Jan 16, 2013
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How to get very short tab control buttons


     I am creating something like a hidden tab, and I want to have very short tab buttons, bumps, controls, tabs, whatever you want to call the bits that stick out the top.  I am using FM 12.

     I am using this to simply display some alternate checkbox sets, on a list view, and so want as short of a body part as I can get.  When I make the font size 1pt I still get relatively large tab buttons.  They can go very narrow, but I also want a height decrease.  My checkboxes are only 15pts, and to fit them in this tab group the overall height is 22pts; so about 7pts for tab buttons.  Yes, I would like to save perhaps another 3 or 4 pts in height.  :)

     (The screen shot is at 200% size.)


     --  J