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how to go about this relationship to get a specific report?

Question asked by lucas_1 on Aug 11, 2009
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how to go about this relationship to get a specific report?


hello one and all,


ok, let describe the environment first.  i have a survey table and a response table where the survey contains the name and the response is the answers to the 40 questions for the person of that survey.  example, 20 surveys, so there are 800 answers in the response table.  both connected in the relationship graph via the unique key of SurveyID.


another relation, a traits table connected to a many-to-many intermediate occurrence (called TQ) to the question table via the unique keys TraitID and QuestionID.  TQ also has a weight field so that each trait can have a set of questions, each question assigned its own weight for that particular trait.  i think you can begin to see where this is going, here is the table group for what i am trying to do:


relation graph 


the point, to create a report of traits that shows the weighted average of each trait for each person surveyed.  put another way, have a subsummary part for each person in the survey, and under that, another subsummary part to show each of the 5 traits and then the weighted average and next to each trait.  simple enough in theory.


i can't get it to work. if i have the layout set to TQ, i get the traits part right, but not the persons.  if i have the layout set to survey responses_ATTR, i get the persons correct through the surveys_ATTR_PERSONS connection, but then the traits don't show and connect properly.  that is just trying to get filemaker to setup the parts (subsummary sections) correctly, not to mention the final step of properly calculating the weighted averages based on the multiple questions from the responses as setup in the TQ table.


so, please, guide me.  i am not sure how to proceed to connect it all properly.  thank you in advance and have a great day.  lucas