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How to go to the selected record in dropdownlist?

Question asked by thaugvaldstad on Nov 23, 2014
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How to go to the selected record in dropdownlist?


How to get to the selected record in dropdownlist, but not if you are just going to select an other to display.

Details: In a list wiew of a layout I have created dropdownlist in every cell that make it possible to display the name of a desired record from an other table.  All the dropdownlists together displays different topics for different classes for every week during the schoolyear. Once this "planningjob" is done, I would like to press a button beside the recordname (topic) or directly on the topic to move to the record that show the details of the topic (in an other table).  

I guess this is about making a script, wich I dont have a clue about :-) I also see the problem with choosing another topic without ending up with jumping to the record:-)

I use FMP12

Please help