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How to handle System Administration fields ?

Question asked by on Oct 17, 2011
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How to handle System Administration fields ?



Context :

  • I am developing an application that will handle more than 50 tables + 100 occurrences of tables (which means a very crowdie diagram)…
  • Each record in these tables, in addition to their normal fields, contains the same 20 “administration fields” which are there only for application and object maintenance.


  • From a system administrator point-of-view it seems very cumbersome to check in each of those tables if there are actions to be taken.
  • More, if a new administrative fields is required, I have to make changes in all tables and layouts that are already developed.

Question :

  • Can I solve that type of problem with global fields ?
  • If not, is there a “traditional approach” to handle these types of problems ?