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How to have a running sum of previous fields?

Question asked by chlowden on Aug 11, 2011
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How to have a running sum of previous fields?



I am a total newby on filemaker. i have a table that is designed to a debits and credits field in a list. I use the summary function to addition all of the credits and another to addition for the debits. I have a 3rd field summary field that gives me the total difference of both fields. Obviously, this running total result is repeated in each table entry.

I am struggling to have a running total where each entry progressively adds or subtracts from the sum of all the previous entries. This would give me a result like a bank statement, telling me what the consequences of each entry are on the sum up until that point.

I am not sure how clear this is, but in excel it is as simple subtracting or adding from the sum cell of a column.

Many thanks for any ideas