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how to import date formats from Excel??

Question asked by sloggingthru on Nov 20, 2008
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how to import date formats from Excel??


I searched and found an answer for older SYLK files and excel, but I can't get it to work for me consistently.


Excel stores dates as a number representing days elapsed since either Jan 1 1900 or Jan 1 1904 depending on OS. This results in a 5 digit number, which is what is imported as the data into FMP. This sucks.


The SYLK solution found in the search suggests saving the file as a csv.txt file and using that as the import source file. I can't make this work consistently and don't know why. And it seems that there should be a much simpler and direct solution than this.


FMP 9 on Windows XP home SP3 on my machine, but also various OSX versions on Macs and Windows Vista on my network. No, I'm not an IT guy or a database guy for that matter, but I've used FMP on both platforms for about as long as the program has existed, for fairly simple things. I'm pretty savvy though.


Microsoft beats me, again and again...


Thanks in advance...