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How to import dates as same format?

Question asked by brett_ on May 14, 2011
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How to import dates as same format?


I have a date column with the format dd/mm/yyyy.  I'd like to import a file that has dates in the format

Jun 9, 2010

Once these dates import, they do not format like my other dates.  They stay as the above date.  They also do not sort like a date.  They remain near the top of sorting and out of order.  I can't search on them either.  In the text file I'm importing, the date looks like this

"Jun 9, 2010"

I opened the File in Numbers and changed the date format to 6/9/10.  Looking at the file in a text editor, the date doesn't have any quotes.  I was able to import the file without issue.  I have a lot of files to import.  Changing date formats in all of these files isn't feasible.

Any ideas what is wrong and how I can fix it?