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How to import from Excel into a portal field?

Question asked by MarkPeters on Jul 21, 2011
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How to import from Excel into a portal field?


I am using a portal field to be able to select "People Names" (stored in a separate table) involved with each of my "Research Notes" records.  

I have some "Research Notes" already written in Excel, which have "People Names" in a corresponding column.  The other fields are "regular fields", so there is no issue importing those.  But is there a trick to importing the "People Names"?  

I made a "join table" (Research Notes_People Names) so I think could just import the other fields into the "Research Notes" table, then take the "Research Notes ID"s that are generated, match them with the "People Names", then import both of these fields/columns into the join table (Research Notes_People Names).  

I found this thread on the topic, but it's old, and i've never used scripts really, so I'm wondering if there's a different technique these days.  Thanks!:


Import from Excel into a Portal field

I have a portal field list that I need to import data into from an excel spreadsheet -- is this possible?  The portal is in my mail list data page, but related to our registration database...  I have the portal field name included in the excel spreadsheet, but the data doesn't drop in during an import.  ANy help would be greatly appreciated!!"


"Melinda, you need to import directly into a layout based upon same table as your portal.  If you want to capture the related parent key so you can relate your newly imported portal records, you can use a variable or a global (or even a script parameter) to grab it, something like:

Set Variable [ $RegistrationID ; Registrations::RegistrationID ]

Go To layout [ layout based upon mail list portal ]

Set Error Capture On

Import [ ]

Replace Field Contents [ Mail List::RegistrationID ; $RegistrationID ]

Commit Records/Requests

Go To Layout [ original layout ]"