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    How to Improve speed over Internet



      How to Improve speed over Internet


      Hi all, Please Help

      I have one Main office and another Branch at another place.

      Main office running FMS serving few PCs with FMP via gigabit network, speed is excellent withtin lan network.

      Modem port forwarding for another branch which need to login into FMS from outside the local network

      Branch only with FMP can remote login via internet into FMS without any problem, it is only the speed is extremely slow while browsing, the speed of normal record browsing without container image field is still acceptable, but when browsing layout which contain image, will become extremely slow, list view is even worse, may load upto 10 mins, customer cant wait that long for a simple inquiry.

      My FMP file is not more than 100mb, all images contain inside is resized as small as 400x400pixel.

      Is there a way to improve my branch browsing speed?

      Can the image be stored at their own local HDD and FMP will automatically search for the image to load? But will it be troublesome to copy the image to each PCsss everytime i hav updates?

      Please help?


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          What type of Internet connection does your remote store use? How fast is the connection? Do you have a direct cable connection with a dedicated IP address?

          Open www.speedtest.net and run the speed test and tell us your remote stores connection speed.

          Here's my test: http://www.speedtest.net/result/1933600078.png

          Speedtest.net results

          What kind of router are you using and how is it set up?

          How many total records are in the file.

          How many images per record and are they stored in the record being browsed or are they in a related file?

          How many images are used. A small number could be loaded into a repeating global container field and field[x] used to point to the image. This could be loaded once at startup after which the images would be shown immediately.

          The images should be png or jpg which produce about 150K or so for that size.

          I had a similar problem where a young man who was hired to manage the new PC network after replacing a Mac network would not listen to me and did everything possible to slow down my Filemaker files. He would not listen when I said that Filemaker handled its own connection and it did not need virus scanning. Perhaps you can adjust your firewall and virus scanning to ignore Filemaker.

          The owner of the store did not ask for my advice when connecting his remote store to the Internet and instead asked someone with no Internet or computer experience to find a provider for the service. That person found the cheapest, flakiest and least reliable provider. Service was abysmal.

          Both stores need the fastest internet connection your budget can afford. Cable provides about 

          ... untested theory follows...

          You could store the images in a Filemaker file and store that file in a local folder where Filemaker can find it. In theory of course...

          For instance, your developer places the file desktop folder and adds a TO in the File on the server pointing to this picture file. The images in your layouts are then linked to the image in that file. This may take some time.

          Then every user gets a copy of that Filemaker file which they place in their desktop folder.

          When they open the file on the server that TO should point to this folder.

          Add a temporary file to your server which is set up like my idea and see if this idea works when your users open this new file. You can remove it after the test.

          Now if you update this image file you only need to have each user close the file on the server and drop in the image file.

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            Jason Wood

            Do your users need to see the picture every time they load a record?

            If not, could you put the container in a separate or popup window so your users have to click a button to load it?

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              Filemaker 12 lets you create a thumbnail sized for a specific container.

              GetThumbnail creates a thumbnail from an image sized to fit a specific container. You supply the pertinent info.

              So, you can reduce an image from 12 megs to a small thumbnail sized image of just a 100 or 200 K, more or less.

              The images referenced from an external folder, for instance, could be batch processed and stored as thumbnail images in the parent record saving lots of processing and transfer time.

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                You can also experiment with simplified layouts for your WAN users. See what happens when you remove conditional formatting, summary fields, unstored calculations with aggregate functions such as Sum, count etc. If your users can live without them, such stripped down layouts should load and update much faster for your remote clients.

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                  Hi all, thank you for your comments.

                  My Layout does not contain any conditional formatting, summary fields or calculations. It is a simple find and sort browsing.

                  Speed is ok when i remove the container field, but we cannot live without seeing the picture in the container field, there's thousands of clothes and garments records.

                  What if I do another similar layout just for the branch to use, which the container field will automatically find the picture in my local pc.

                  All my items have their own unique ID code in FM, and the images also renamed after the ID code as well.

                  May i know how exactly to create the field which will find the picture following the ID code field?

                  I have to do this so to temporary solve the problem for my branch. luckily not many pcs. ^^


                  I am worried, if my company grow bigger in the future. >.<

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                    When you say thousands of pictures, I would assume that some or many of these are not minimized using jpeg or png. Is this possible?

                    Since you must use the picture, let's start with the picture.

                    1) Are you using only one container per picture and then adjusting the size of the container to fit your need, for instance a full screen size container object on one layout and a 30 x 30 pixel sized container object on another, say the list view?

                    2) Or do you have multiple container fields each of which contains the same image but the file was reduced in size to fit the container? Say one container holds a 900 x900 image file while another hodls a 30 x 30 image file.

                    3) Or are the files currently stored in a folder somewhere and inserted in the container as a reference. Thus the image in this folder is a full 900 x 900 pixel image but you want the container resized to 30 x 30 pixels. If this is the case, this is the reason for the mega-slowness.

                    Which of the above most resembles your current method?

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                      Hi Jack,

                      Each of my items have

                      One Unique ID code Field name [ID Code 01]

                      Only One Container Filed [Image 01] holding 400pixel c 400pixel


                      In Form View: [Image01] size is about 5x4 inch (auto fit to container)

                      In list view: pulling the same [image01] field, the field is resized to about 1inchx0.8inch (auto fit to container)



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                        From your reply it appears you are only using one image in one container but resizing the container on your layout. 

                        I'm guessing that the image file contains an image of 400 x 400 pixels which would be the 5 x 4 inch image in a crop to fit container if the container were sized 500 x 500 pixels. Crop to fit does not shrink or enlarge the image.

                        Now the question is what type of file was the image(s) before they were imported? And how large in Bytes or Bites are these files.

                        A graphic application or a photo can be saved as a compressed file: jpeg or png. These compressed files are about 1/10th the size of the native or raw files. 

                        Also the file, especially photographs can be quite large pixel wise. Today's cameras and smartphones can deliver 10+ megapixels and Filemaker will gladly insert them in our containers and then take forever to display them.

                        So, what we need is to size the pictures to fit the container size on our layout and compress that image to jpeg or png. Png preferred.

                        You have two containers and need one for each sized to fit and saved as png.

                        Filemaker 12 has several new functions for sizing images. One set can determine the size of the existing image in a container, another determine the size of a container you want to insert an image in, and then a function to create thumbnails.

                        Which means you can script a resizing of your images to fit your containers on your layouts. This resizing can save a lot of pixels and speed up the display of your layouts, especially the list viewers.

                        If you don't have Filemaker 12, a plugin from Troi can do the work for you.

                        Here's a blog I just posted: http://gofm.biz/2012/05/09/thumbnails-filemaker/