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How to Improve speed over Internet

Question asked by wilchin on May 4, 2012
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How to Improve speed over Internet


Hi all, Please Help

I have one Main office and another Branch at another place.

Main office running FMS serving few PCs with FMP via gigabit network, speed is excellent withtin lan network.

Modem port forwarding for another branch which need to login into FMS from outside the local network

Branch only with FMP can remote login via internet into FMS without any problem, it is only the speed is extremely slow while browsing, the speed of normal record browsing without container image field is still acceptable, but when browsing layout which contain image, will become extremely slow, list view is even worse, may load upto 10 mins, customer cant wait that long for a simple inquiry.

My FMP file is not more than 100mb, all images contain inside is resized as small as 400x400pixel.

Is there a way to improve my branch browsing speed?

Can the image be stored at their own local HDD and FMP will automatically search for the image to load? But will it be troublesome to copy the image to each PCsss everytime i hav updates?

Please help?