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How to Include an Argument in a Send Event Command

Question asked by DaveJohnson1661 on Jul 9, 2012
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How to Include an Argument in a Send Event Command


I need to execute an external application with an argument via a FM script.  For example, I need to run the following, which is an example from a desktop shortcut:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\3PS Doc2PdfDb\Doc2PdfDb.exe" -- A1212999

This application will then process serial number A1212999, which among other functions converts a Word file to PDF.

Attempting to use the following does not work when using it as a Send Event:

"filewin:/C:/Program Files (x86)/3PS Doc2PdfDb/Doc2PdfDb.exe" -- A1212999


filewin:/C:/Program Files (x86)/3PS Doc2PdfDb/Doc2PdfDb.exe -- A1212999

There are a couple of forum discussions concerning this but I’m not able to get help from them and I’m unable to get information from FM help concerning the Send Event command.

Regretfully I’m still using FM 9 Pro with Server and Win7 as I’m trying to get our IT department to upgrade to FM12.

Please confirm if FM can use an argument when running an external application and indicate the correct syntax for the Send Event
command.   Also it will need to run it as a calculation so I can programmatically define the serial number argument.