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How to indicate "any date" in a script

Question asked by LeoB on Feb 7, 2010
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How to indicate "any date" in a script


I need a little more help from my friends.


I'm trying to write a script that will run when a field is modified to a date.  The field is set for date but has an auto-insert of Open, which shows in the layout until the calendar indicator is clicked and a date is entered for when the issue is closed.


When a date is inserted into the field, I want the script to run (on field modify) that will clear entries in another field (suspense date).


What I think the script should be is:


Go to field (Closed).

If any date is present. then

Clear entries in this other field (Suspense Date)


But, I can't figure out how to tell it ANY date.  The date can't be set to the current date as the close date may have been a few days before the record is updated.