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how to join tables /  run once

Question asked by yson on Apr 7, 2010


how to join tables /  run once



I'm new @ FM. I have some question about join table.  I am using business productivity kit now.

At the sales invoice, there are 2 tables.

1) Table 1 include part number, price and stock amount. Table 2  include part number and reference number ( it means. substitute number ) of that part number with vendor name.  What I want to do is,   when I choose reference number @table 2, invoice  shows reference number and part number with stock amount and price.  Basically, many reference numbers are match to one part number.  In case of using one table with part number and reference number together, there 's a problem to update stock amount to each part number because of multiple same part number on each reference number. 

2) When I'm using check stock button @sales invoice of this kit,  stock amount is updated each time continusely if I press the button again and again accidently. How to restrict to update only once ?
---> Is it possible to update stock amount and print invoice with one button click ?  Then go to new invoice screen ? 

Please help me how I do.