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How to keep context when switching layouts?

Question asked by pbedouk on Jan 28, 2013
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How to keep context when switching layouts?



     I have a customer table and layout and a NewOrder table and layout.

     I want to add an order for a customer via a button/script from the customer layout to the order layout.  This would be to create a related record (a new order linked to a cusrtomer).

     It seems that when I switch layouts (via 'go to layout'), I loose track of what customer record I was viewing on the customer layout.

     I see this via the data viewer and watching the values for match fields and name fields.  All the fields go blank as soon as the go to layout script step is executed.  I think I have lost contact with the customer record.

     what do I do to connect back to the customer when creating a related record?

     I don't really want to do this via a portal.  there is too much new information to add about a new order to fit comfortably on my customer layout.