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    How to launch PHP Assistant



      How to launch PHP Assistant


      I give up!


      I've been trying to launch PHP Assistant and haven't done well at all.


      When I go to sharing to enable Instant Web Publishing I either get a dialog box telling me that there is a conflict with the port or if I pick an unused port FileMaker crashes in about 2 heart beats.


      Do I need to run something to activate the PHP Assistant or am I completely lost?


      I am running Filemaker 11 Advanced on MacBook Pro OS X 10.6.2 



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          What exact database are you using?

          What exact steps are your following?

          What is your exact network configuration?

          Have  you used previous FMP versions?


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            My database is ITEM numbers.fp7


            I go to File >> Sharing>> Instant Web Publishing.


            When I click the button to enable IWP I get a dialog that there is a conflict with the port number. I have not been able to go further than that. If I change to another port that is available within 4 heart beats Filemaker crashes. 


            Filemaker Network is on via TCP/IP.


            My active ports are:


            Open TCP Port: 25     smtp

            Open TCP Port: 80     http

            Open TCP Port: 88     kerberos

            Open TCP Port: 443    https

            Open TCP Port: 548    afpovertcp

            Open TCP Port: 591    http-alt

            Open TCP Port: 631    ipp

            Open TCP Port: 2399   fmpro-fdal

            Open TCP Port: 3829

            Open TCP Port: 5003   fmpro-internal

            Open TCP Port: 5109

            Open TCP Port: 8118   privoxy

            Open TCP Port: 16017

            Open TCP Port: 31416  xqosd

            Open TCP Port: 47807

            Launch PHP Assistant under Tools is dimmed, so that tells me there is something I need to do before I can actually launch PHP Assistant. I have read everything online and in the multitude of user guides that mention it, but nothing I have found simply states the steps to getting it to work.


            I have opened the file on other machines, and been able to enable IWP, but the Launch PHP Assistant option is still dimmed. I suppose that tells me that selecting IWP isn't why the PHP Assistant is still dimmed. Even after I solve the port conflict there is still something else to do.


            I have been using FileMaker since FileMaker II or 20+ years.


            Any clues on how to proceed are appreciated.