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How to layout a repeating field in multiple columns

Question asked by b24mike on May 17, 2013
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How to layout a repeating field in multiple columns


     I'm very new to working with FileMaker Pro 12.0v4 but am working with an associate who has extensive experience with an earlier version of FileMaker Pro (v7).  We're trying to create a searchable database of missions flown by a World War II bomb group.  We've created a roster table of personnel assigned to the unit (over 4,600 men).  For the air crew members, we want to link the mission numbers they flew to the plane and pilot they flew with.

     The maximum number of missions flown by an individual in the unit was 49, but we have decided to make the repeating field larger in case another unit wanted to use our format in their own database.  We have set the number of repeats at 60 and would like to have multiple columns rather than one continuous horizontal or vertical table.  In the earlier version this was possible, but that functionality has been removed for FM 12.  Any thoughts on how this could be done?