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How to link a list-view button to a specific record

Question asked by karyanr on Mar 10, 2015
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How to link a list-view button to a specific record


My solution is an automated flow-chart that takes user through a series of layouts based on their responses to Boolean questions. The main table has about 100 fields. When the user reaches the conclusion at the end of the flowchart, they mark a checkbox that sets a field from "in-progress" to a "final" status. Once final, their record needs to be marked as reviewed by a superviser. To accomplish this review function, I created a list that is sorted by the status (either "final" or "in-progress") and added a "review" button that takes the superviser to a flowchart summary.

My problem is that the script that lauches the summary view does not go directly to the active record in the list; for example, if I have 10 records, serial #'s 1-10, that are displayed on 10 different lines on the review list, and each line has it's own "review" button, all 10 buttons take the superviser to record #1, regardless of which record is in focus on the list.  Is there a function that "gets" a specific record?