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How to link filemaker solution to external software

Question asked by bigblue on Jan 26, 2013
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How to link filemaker solution to external software



     I am pretty new to filemaker, so excuse me for my possible ignorance. Target is to Link my patient management solution to a external software which shoots the xrays (and stores them) in a dental office. Instructions of the particular software are to use the following command line:

     tw.exe -P<storage path> [-N<patient last name>]

     Example (given by the manual):

     tw -P"C:\dental management sofware\Patient Database" -FJohn

     this gives the information to the external program to create or open an existing patient xray folder.... With I would think, the unique Patient Id....

     I used the send event on a button with specified file to open:

     filewin:/F:/program files/dental imaging software/tw.exe -P"C:\Patients\Xray" -F(Patient:ID)

     in the end of the day I would like to have a button on each patient chart which directly opens the related external xray folder of the patient.

     It seems to be totally wrong... Any help is greatly apreciated! 

     Thank you in advance!!!