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    how to link input of 3 tables



      how to link input of 3 tables



           I am very new to this... making a database for a student paint conservator to archive hundreds of old paint recipes.

           We have 3 tables; 'metadata', 'receipt info' and 'actual receipt'. All containing various fields of input. In the table metadata we made a unique key.

           First we want this key to appear in the other tables.

           Second we want to attach all data of the 3 tables to this key. 

           Can anyone help with these challenges.

           thanks vivhar

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               Other than the unique key, what data will your record in "meta data"? What does one record in MetaData represent.

               "ReceiptInfo" sounds like the data recorded for the purchase or sale of an item or group of items.

               But what data will one record in "actual receipt" represent and how does that related to a record or records in ReceiptInfo?

               Do you mean that when 4 items are purchased/sold, they will be listed as four items in ReceiptInfo and one record in ActualReceipt?