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how to link summary data to individual records

Question asked by PhiloCalhoun on Apr 11, 2011
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how to link summary data to individual records


I have several year experience in Microsoft Access and am trying to transition to Filemaker Pro. Some things are easy, but I cannot figure out how to link summary data to individual records. What I am trying to do is to look up only records where there are exactly two records that have a same matching field. In Access, this is easy: one creates a group by query and counts one of the fields and selects this count to be equal to "2". Then one creates a second query and links the original table to this summary query. Since summaries in Filemaker are done in layouts, I cannot figure this out.


field1      field 2

Bob         15 hours

Bob         20 hours

Bob           7 hours

Sally        12 hours

Sally          6 hours

David        1 hour

I want to just find out something about Sally, because that is the only client who has exactly two records. How do I do this  in Filemaker? ( I am assuming this will need to be scripted). I tried a self join with summary field, but I cannot perform a find on the summary. Thanks