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How to list non-repeating value pairs of related fields?

Question asked by MartonNagy on Feb 7, 2015
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How to list non-repeating value pairs of related fields?


Hi All,

I bumped into a problem. I have a parent table with Participant Infos and a child table with Participant Appointments. The Participant Infos contain the plate number and the Appointments contain the time + date of their sessions. I would like to list for a given date all the appointment times + plate number pairs but without repeating the same pair of results.  What I managed is to set up a portal and list out all the related records to the date with the time + plate numbers, but then I dont know how to get rid of the repeating pairs. For example I have:

9:30 TLL-566          and I want =====>   9:30 TLL-566

9:30 TLL-566                                          10:00 FGG-111

10:00 FGG-111                                      10:30 ATB-222

10:30 ATB-222


I tried to concatenate the time + plate number and create a value list but some indexing problems dont let me do that. Any other suggestion would be great!I am new to filemaker, never did scripting....