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    How to list values once that reoccur



      How to list values once that reoccur


           I have a data set I need to enter into a table. It is basically a city name with the corresponding postal codes. However, some cities have multiple postal codes.

           For Example : Columbia - 29209, 29202, 29201


           How can I include all the postal codes for each city, without listing the city multiple times. This would cause the pop up menu to have the city of Columbia on the list 3 times. I would like to only have it listed once. 

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               But if you have multiple Postal codes, won't you need multiple entries so that you can select the correct code?

               But a value list based on a field where the "sorted" field is the city name will automatically exclude duplicates. In your example, you'd see the Columbia entry for 29209 but not for the other two.

               And if you only want the city names, you can specify a Unique values, validate always Validation Rule on the city name field and then, when you import this data, the duplicates will automatically be filtered out importing one record for each unique city name.