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How to log error? Email 1506 in more detail?

Question asked by Stuee on Jan 23, 2012
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How to log error? Email 1506 in more detail?



Im over this dodgy email intermittant sending.

It sends one minute then not the other.

MY script basically,

Saves the record as pdf on network server

creates email with record details in.

attached the pdf to it

then sends



This is where i dotn know what goes on as i sent the invoice and it went ok, i realised i put the wrong quanitity in a line and changed then went to send now it wont send with the email error.

Its been like this for a while where some invices email without a error and some you have to press invoice a few times before it finally goes through.

Ive tried adding a 6 second pause between the save pdf and send email incase it was struggling but the file is only 250kb so on a 1gb network and all invoices are the same except different details.


I tried rnning with the script setep by step but is only shows the 1506 error. I want to know exactly what is causing the error like timeout or my server or what but dont know how to.


any help appreciated.