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    How to mail merge?



      How to mail merge?


      How does mail merging work with Filemaker Pro 10?


      I work for a small nonprofit on a Mac platform, and have continually run into problems trying to mail merge. Can it be linked with Word for Mac? How do I set this up?


      Thanks for any advice or instructions!

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          Well I haven't done this in years but you export your data as a merge file and then open Word and run the mail merge wizard.


          Where do you encounter a problem?

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            Thanks  - this will work for interest groups. However, a couple more questions:


            Is there any way to select specific records from within a broader interest group and only merge those records? 


            Is there a way to send out merged email blasts using Filemaker?

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              WHen you export records, you export the current found set. If you only want certain records in your merge, simply perform a find to locate those records first, then export the data. MS Word also gives you the ability to select  which records from the merge file to use so you can be selective on that end also.


              Email won't require a merge export like this. If you have access to the right email application (search filemaker help for "send mail" and you should get a list of email apps that work.) or access to an SMTP server, you can send plain text email directly from filemaker. While I haven't done it myself, email blasts can be done from filemaker, but you'll need to make sure your email client and ISP don't throw up a red flag when you do it.