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How to maintain releationship between two table.

Question asked by dev696 on Oct 17, 2009
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How to maintain releationship between two table.


Filemaker pro 8.5


Table and relation are given below:


Table                            Fields

Employee               (Emp_ID,....)


Reviewer                (Reviewer_ID,....)


Perfomance Review (Employee::Emp_ID, Reviewer:: Reviewer_ID, Created _By, Modified_By......)


Created_By field contain the Account Name which is  auto entered and this name is also equal to the Reviewer_Name.


So the problem is that how i can maintain the relationship between two tables (Reviewer and Perfomance Review) because i dont want to ente data manualy in Performance Review :: Reviewer_ID and also dont want to show this field on layout.


how i can compare Account Name with Reviewer_Name and pick up Reviewer_ID and auto enter in Performance Review::Reviewer_ID.