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How to make a Relational Database for teaching ideas

Question asked by MatthewThornton on Dec 21, 2010
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How to make a Relational Database for teaching ideas


I'm looking for some ideas on the best way to organize a database for teaching tools, ideas and quotes. I want to enter ideas and information that I observe from other teachers, ideas that I read in books, and quotes on different topics and then be able to search ideas that apply to certain subjects. 

I have made a few attempts but I am having a hard time with ideas or practices that fit into multiple categories (for example: a quote that talks about "Motivation", "Lesson Planning" and "Classroom Management"). How can I create a field that will allow me to put in categories and even add categories if I find something that needs a totally new category?

The broad categories I have come up with are "Teaching Ideas or Concepts" and "Sources." Under "Teaching Ideas" would be "categories" (like Lesson Planning, Classroom Management, Motivation, etc.), "subjects" (like rhythm, harmony, form, etc.) and "information" (the quote, or the idea on how to teach better). Under "Sources" would be "authors" (another area where I don't know how to make multiple people a possibility), "reference or title", "page numbers" and possibly "publication date". 

Any suggestions on how to organize this would be very much appreciated. I am a beginner with databases but I have a rudimentary knowledge of how individual tables work. The relational part is more difficult for me.