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How to make an edit box automatically adjust its height ?

Question asked by FrancoT on May 14, 2014
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How to make an edit box automatically adjust its height ?


     The following 2 years ago post was claiming the possibility to auto-resize a field not just in Preview mode, but also in Browse mode, in order to easily use Filemaker as it would be like a typical word processing (Word), but with the huge advantage to index the paragraph accordingly.

     Answers were given at that time accordingly; Is there any chance to find today a solution for this? Is Filemaker 13 somehow structured to allow such necessity? Thankyou in advance F

" I have a text field which can contain anything from zero to over one thousand words. When I use a regular edit box to view that field, the resulting layout is very ugly because the height of thevedit box never fits the text: records with little text get too much insightly blank space, while verbose records cannot display aa their text...having a table made almost exclusively with text fields, I would love to have a layout enabling me to read it continuously, like a book, with no big gap between parts..."