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how to make records unique on a combination of fields

Question asked by njem on Dec 9, 2010
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how to make records unique on a combination of fields


I'm just trying to convert a db from access so future mods will be easier. I'm not sure how to verify records are unique on a combination of fields. Also the current method of linking tables may or may not be the best way.

So this is about bowling teams for a non-profit. I have team captains and each record has to be unique for the combination of first & last names & company & team number (a captain might have more than one team). I figure I could either calculate a field that combines all those and somehow verify it's unique, or...?

The way it works now is when they make a new record the team num defaults to 1, they enter first and last name and company, and when they go to move off the record if it's not unique they get a complaint and have to fix it, or they know the record already exists and they should find the existing one and work on it.

When a record is added it also adds a serial number. I then use that to connect to the table of when and where they play. Seems like a good way to do it unless FM has some other way that works better with it.