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    How to make script to omit multiple criteria



      How to make script to omit multiple criteria


      I am writing a script to export the records in my database.

      I want to omit all of the records which are located in bay 14.

      So I want all locations with 14A1, 14A2, 14C1 etc to omited. 

      I tried omitting, in the script, all of these records by selecting the location field and then entering 14A followed by a carriage return, then 14B etc.

      But all of my records, including those from bay 14 were exported. 

      I am using an unsatisfacory workaround at the moment. I am exporting all records which have an sku lower than 4000. This excludes the books from bay 14. But also many more.

      Any ideas about how I can achieve this?