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    How to make this calculate value?



      How to make this calculate value?


      Hi there,


      I need to make this formule in FIleMaker 9


      Today - (other date) = X


      X / 7 = two options:


      1) If calculated result is an int number, this is the final value


      2) If calculated result is not an int number then:


      - Example: Result: 30.9


      Then I need


      30.9 - (its int, in this example: 30) = 0.9


      0.9 x 7 = Final Value I need. (Value A)


      Then I need two fields to show the calculated value


      One field with result int, in example is 30

      Other field with Value A


      The result is type: 30 weeks and 3 days (Value A) 


      Any Help? 



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