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    How to make Validation Errors go away?



      How to make Validation Errors go away?



      this error is from having used the validation technique in the How to manage these duplicates? thread




      the validation technique works wonderfully but i'm quite annoyed by the validation error, i have to click revert record and it will ask me again if i really want to revert all records, 

      another problem is if i select yes, it will bypass the validation, i just like it to revert it if validation failed

      Is there any way to suppress the errors and revert it automatically?


      Thank you all!

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          You can set the field options to not allow users to override the error.

          OnObectValidate, can be used to detect the error, use show custom dialog to tell the user of the error and then revert the records.

          Set Error Capture [on]
          Commit Records
          IF [ Get ( LastError ) //duplicate record error ]
              Show Custom dialog ["Error, duplicate value...." ]
              Revert Records
              Exit Script [False]
          End IF

          It is also possible to design the interface so that it is not possible to select the same pair of _Fk value in the join table more than once.

          A diminishing value list can do this.

          A kind of "check box" format can be set up where clicking a button once selects a value and clicking it again, deletes the join table record created by the first time the button was clicked and thus "clearing" the "check box".

          "Adventures in FileMaking #1 - conditional value lists" contains a diminishing (dwindling) value list example.
          "Adventures in FileMaking #2 - enhanced value selection" contains some examples of the "check box" format, but does not have an example where the script interacts with a join table (but has some hints about how to do this as a kind of "extra credit" assignment.)

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            Hi PhilModJunk!


            Thanks for the help! will test the script and diminishing value!