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How to manage these duplicates?

Question asked by starstuff on May 16, 2015
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How to manage these duplicates?


Hi all!


i'm stuck on what to do with these duplicates in the table supplier_product_line.


supplier - contains supplier detail, match to supplier_product_line as fk_supplier

  - pk_supplier

  - name

  - address

  - phone

  - date_created

product - contains the product, match to supplier_product_line as fk_product

  - pk_product

  - name

  - unit

  - date_created

supplier_product_line - no pk, connect supplier (fk_supplier) and product (fk_product)

  - fk_supplier

  - fk_product

  - unit

  - cost price

  - discount

  - net price

  - date_created

  - date_modified - timestamp


Goal: Export and Show only the most up-to-date price of product per supplier

Problem: Should i be worried about duplicates in the table supplier_product_line? i tested it out and found that i can duplicate every supplier product without warning. is this the expected result? if that is the expected result, then if im going to export it, how to export only the most up-to-date price of a product per supplier?


thank you for the assistance!