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How to match 'insert picture' button to the correct field ?

Question asked by lifestyledesign on Aug 10, 2011
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How to match 'insert picture' button to the correct field ?


Hi everyone,

I just started working on FM pro this morning and I'm struggling with something.

Here is the situation:

We are an industrial design company and I'm creating a Portfolio using FM in order to know the state of the products we designed.  Each product/report has multiple pictures.

I tried to figure out in the first place how to create a proper image gallery within each report but I didn't find the way to do it. If you have any idea i'm interested.


Otherwise here is what I've done so far, I duplicated the picture field and buttons (insert picture) 6 times.  I was able to identify each picture field (e.g. picture, picture 2, picture 3 ... picture 6), but I can't figure out how to  link the duplicate buttons to their fields ... despite all my efforts they are still linked to the initial picture field from the Inventory layout.

By efforts, I mean that I duplicate the 'Insert buttons' scripts and modified them following this example: Go to field [Inventory::Picture 2]


You will find attached a screechot which should help to understand.

Thank you for your help.