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How to measure the deviation from a competitor's price

Question asked by PeterMontague on Oct 18, 2014


How to measure the deviation from a competitor's price


I have a large inventory. I want to be able to priorities which books need to be repriced by calculating the books' deviation from the competitors' prices. 

I download the source code from a website called for the particular book that I'm selling.

I want to find the books that are listed as new using a parsing formula.

I want to then isolate which books are not ours using a looping parsing script.

After the parsing finds the book which is in new condition and is not sold by us I would then like to calculate how much our price deviates (higher or lower) from the cheapest competitor's price.

Then I would like to sort the books in terms of this deviation.

To start off with I would like to know how to calculate the deviation.

Then I need help to work out how to make this script loop until it finds a seller's name who does not match our name.