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How to merge conflicted copies of FM files from Dropbox?

Question asked by PasqualeCirullo on Feb 20, 2014


How to merge conflicted copies of FM files from Dropbox?


     Well, I learned my lesson.

     I have an FM file that contains alot of my work data. I enter the data from several different computers and I made the mistake of using Dropbox to store the file. I figured that since I was the only one accessing the file and entering data, there would not be concurrency issues and it would be convenient.

     Even though, I made sure to close the file and close FM after entering data into it, I still accumulated a few "conflicted copies" of the file where some of the data is in one copy but not another. Now this is a big mess and I'm trying to consolidate all the conflicted copies into one completed file.

Is there any way of merging these files and avoiding duplication that is not too painful?

     The data was entered into about 10 tables at different times and some of the tables, like AccountsRecievable, are entered frequently and contains much data while others are entered infrequently.

     The ugly, brute force approach (which I really dont want to do) is exporting each table of each conflicted copy to an XLS file, joining together each like XLS, eliminating the duplicate entries and reimporting it into FM. U-G-L-Y and how do I ensure data integrity??

Can someone give me a clue as to how I can merge conflicted copies of the same FM file??

     I learned my lesson and will not use Dropbox for this again.