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How to merge text contents from separate fields.

Question asked by CiroBruno on Nov 11, 2012
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How to merge text contents from separate fields.


     Dear sirs, good Morning.


     Evey customer in my Cusromers table have as text attributes for his name: Prefix, First Name, Last Name and Sufix. I'd like to have a (calculated) field to express his "Complete Name". This field would just be a merge of those four prior fields, so that I could use the customer's name as a continuous sentence. The intended use is to place it as complete name in Offers and in automated e-mails.


     It may look strange, given that all information is aready there, at the same record. But in terms of layout, every text field must have a predifined lenght. So it sounds quite bad to write someone's name with one inch between every part.


     Is there any Text Function that makes it possible to merge distinct fields contents?


     Thank you.

     Regards, Ciro.