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How to mix'n'match when report draws only from one table?

Question asked by Tiina on Jul 13, 2010
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How to mix'n'match when report draws only from one table?


I've used FM since version 2, but had several years in between and picked it up again. Boy, has it changed! First I was quite overwhelmed, but got back on track by not using ready templates. I've done only quite simple databases like customer database for few journals to print mailing labels or send it to printhouse and handling subscriptions and invoicing and some others as simple. That was back in 80's and mid 90's... ages ago. Now I'm doing something similar with no problem.

Now I'd like to create something to help me with my work and I can't figure out how to do this. It would be piece of cake if only FMP would let me draw information from several tables to one report/layout, but no.

I'll take an image of paperdoll in trying to describe my problem.

I one have a paperdoll and

  • 75 different dresses
  • 20 necklaces
  • 15 pairs of shoes
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses
  • 20 belts
  • 5 flower coronations
  • 7 hairdo's
  • etc.

Paperdoll would be the base of the report that never changes, but then I'd like to make mix'n'match with all the others. I thought it would be easy to just make own table for dresses, necklaces, shoes etc. and then bring into the report which ever I would like to. Today I take dress #5 with necklace #10, shoes#3 etc. Next time dress #5 with  necklace #3, shoes #3 etc.

So instead of doing copy paste I'd like to be just pickin things from different drawers that I would have organised well before.

I apologise if my question is too elementary or I'm looking for something that shouldn't even be there.

Thanks in advance if any of you can point me to right direction to go.