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How to modify a runtime solution?

Question asked by daveslc on Dec 20, 2009
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How to modify a runtime solution?


I have a runtime solution that I have created (MyRuntimeApp  - which has the hidden .app extension on my Mac).  I would like to modify that and also maintain and use the modified runtime database in other contexts in filemaker.  Is this possible?



Filemaker help (from the Binding files into a runtime solution page) says, "You can open a bound runtime file in FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced to make modifications to it."  It also says, "If you need to add auxiliary files later to the existing runtime database solution, rebind the files using the same key." This indicates that I should be able to work with the runtime app file on my end,   but filemaker will not open the file.  (I am using Advanced.).  The only box I checked when creating the runtime solution is "Create Runtime Solution Application."


It seems like I can work around this by saving a copy of the current runtime file from within the runtime application, which appends the .USR extension which will then open in filemaker (MyRuntimeApp copy.USR).  Does this copy have the same functionality and database as the original database file that I used to produce the runtime application?  Is this .USR file equivalent to a .fp7 file? Or is something missing from it?  Why the .USR file extension?  Why not use .fp7?


Is there some reason that filemaker won't open the runtime app?  Is saving a copy the proper way to modify the database and runtime solution?